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The Firm

ADVORA Law Firm is not business as usual. We combine decades of experience in providing legal advice, boasting a dynamic, proactive and international oriented team within the following fields of expertise:

  • IP Law

  • Tax Law

  • Corporate Law

We are a boutique law firm and our strength is our unique specialization and global outlook. We advise both Danish and international companies, including several of the most well-known brands in the world.


As a smaller specialised law practice, we can act and adapt flexibly to the requests of our clients and at the same time our setup minimizes the risk of conflicts of interest.


Advora Advokatanpartsselskab manages its company under 42221252

Attorney Stig Boe Krarup manages his independent law firm from the same address with company 32432174.


ADVORA [Ad: Vora] has several meanings and is, among other things, an abbreviation of Advokat (Adv) and Ora (from Latin: mouths), so as to advocate.

In addition, Vora means coast in Latin and our office is located 20 meters from the water in Copenhagen's Parliament and Finance Center.  

​ADVORA is located in Copenhagen's finance and parliament district on Niels Juels Gade.  

The street is named after the Danish naval hero Niels Juel who took part in victories in several naval battles in the 17th century.

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