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Niels Gade-Jacobsen





+45 29 92 79 94

Danish, German, English

Niels Gade-Jacobsen is founding partner of ADVORA Law Firm. He is specializes in tax law and commercial law.

Niels Gade-Jacobsen has thorough experience working as a tax attorney, including especially conducting tax related cases before courts of justice and appeals bodies.

He is a board member of the Danish Association of Tax Attorneys (“Danmarks Skatteadvokater”), and a former associated professor in tax law at the University of Copenhagen.

Furthermore, Niels Gade-Jacobsen has thorough experience and expertise in cross-border commercial transactions and litigation and has formerly been appointed Judge at the Danish High Court.

Finally, Niels Gade-Jacobsen has since 2013 been advising domestic and international clients on matters involving cryptocurrencies and DLT, inter alia a co-founder of the European thinktank, thinkBLOCKtank, which advises the EU Commission on legal aspects and is part of INATBA.

Niels Gade-Jacobsen has published books and articles within his field of expertise, see some of the publications below.

Work experience

2021, Advora, partner

2021-2015, NJORD Law Firm, partner

2017, Østre Landsret, High Court Judge

2013-2014, MAQS Law Firm, advokat

2012-2018, University of Copenhagen, associated professor of tax law

2010-2012, Bang + Ragnarsen Law Firm, associate

2009-2010, Elmann (LOGOS law firm), associate


2015, High Court Attorney

2013, BA. finance, Copenhagen Business School

2012,  Bar Exam (Advokat)

2009, LLM, Aarhus Universitet

2008, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgien

  • Co-author of Erhvervsguiden in Karnov

  • Author of ”Fradrag for rengøringshjælp mv. i hjemmet: Sker der en EU-stridig forskelsbehandling af udenlandske tjenesteydere?” Journal on Tax Law 2011/36

  • Author of ”Ministerielle beføjelser efter skatteforvaltningsloven ved EU-retlige spørgsmål samt en kommentar til EU-skatterettens relation til de minimis”, Weekly journal on Tax 2010/09, Thomson

  • Author of ”Kapitalfriheden og skatteministeriets forslag om ændring af beskatningen af kursgevinster”, Weekly Journal on Tax 2010/06, Thomson

  • Author of numerous articles for the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce

  • Author of numerous articles published by the Danish-Austrian Trade Delegation

  • Member of Danish Tax Lawyers Association and since 2020 board member

  • Member of the Danish Fiscal Association

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