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Niels Gade-Jacobsen

Lawyer (L), Partner


Niels Gade-Jacobsen is highly specialized on all legal aspects relating to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether. Within this area, Niels has established a broad international network, a vast amount of experience, and an in-depth blockchain industry knowledge, which forms the basis of his advice.

In 2017 Niels Gade-Jacobsen co-founded the internationally operating thinktank thinkBLOCKtank. Since the thinktank has advised the EU Commission on numerous regulatory proposals.

Niels is the longstanding most in-depth all-round legal expert in regard to cryptocurrency in Denmark.

Niels’ experience as a legal advisor especially includes issues related to financial regulation, company law, drafting contracts, preparing legal opinions, and defending clients in court cases. Niels also has a vast experience in tax law advice.

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