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Intellectual property law


Frank Jørgensen

Lawyer (H), Partner



Natalie Fialho Kierulf

ADVORA's team is highly specialized in intellectual property law and marketing law and has over 15 years of experience with enforcement and protection of IP rights, in particular matters relating to trademarks, designs, copyrights, patents as well as unfair competition under the Marketing Practices Act.

Our client portfolio is foremost large international companies and spans several of the world's leading brands and businesses. Our vast experience extends to industries such as electronics and IT, fashion, design and cosmetics, automobiles, toys, snacks, foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, media and entertainment as well as the sports and arts industries.

We excel in brand protection and enforcement and cooperate with customs and police authorities on a daily basis. We have vast experience in litigating before all of the Danish courts, including preliminary injunctions and civil seizures / search orders. ADVORA furthermore cooperates with the Dutch  rightsholder's organization REACT and handles the enforcement of IPR infringements for REACT members in Denmark and Norway.

ADVORA also handles trademark registrations and has vast experience in all types of administrative matters including oppositions and cancellations before the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, appeals before the Danish Board of Appeals for Patents and Trademarks and filing domain name complaints before the Danish Complaints Board for Domain Names.

You can read more about some of the services we offer below. 

Brand protection

  • General enforcement of IPR violations; legal assessment, cease and desist actions and undertakings. 

  • Customs surveillance in Denmar/EU as well as Norway and Iceland.

  • Investigations of suspected IPR-criminal activities and subsequent filings of criminal complaints to the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK).

  • Criminal prosecution of IPR infringement.

  • Filing domain name complaints, notices and take-downs on social media as well as ecommerce platforms.

Trademarks and designs
  • Strategic advice in relation to the protection of rights.

  • Registration, renewal, administration, transfer and monitoring of trademarks and designs.

  • Assessments and clearing of trademarks.

  • IPR contracts and negotiations.


  • IPR litigation before the district courts, the Eastern and Western High Courts, the Maritime and Commercial High Court and the Supreme Court.

  • Preliminary injunction matters as well as civil seizures/search orders in relation to IPR infringements.

  • Procedural and strategic advice in relation to litigation matters.

  • Dispute resolution and settlement negotiations.

  • Legal assessment of all Danish copyright issues. 

  • Enforcement of protected works through copyrights. 

  • Drafting license agreements.

Unfair competition/Marketing law

  • Unfair competition. Assessment and enforcement of actions in violation of good marketing practice.

  • Cases of product infringement, imitations and counterfeit products.  

  • Advice on and clearing of products, get-up, advertisements and marketing material as well as products compliance in Denmark.

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