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Cookie Policy

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Cookies are small text files that contain letters and numbers that are placed on your computer or other device. Cookies are set when you visit our website that uses cookies and they can be used to keep track of which pages you have visited, they can help you continue where you left off or they can remember your language settings or other preferences. Cookies cannot contain malicious code such as virus.

Required cookies


We use Necessary cookies: Necessary cookies are required for the website to function technically and provide services that you have expressly requested. As an example, this includes services such as your chosen country and language, staying logged in, providing security and fraud prevention, storing your digital shopping cart and things on your wish list while browsing, remembering volume settings and your access to secure areas on the website. This category of cookies can not be disabled and does not require consent.

If you do not want cookies

Necessary cookies are essential for the website, and you can not deselect them, but you can delete necessary cookies after use - see how below.


Regarding all other cookies, you can always change your settings or revoke your consent. If you delete or block cookies, you may risk that our website does not work optimally, and that there is content that you can not access.

Delete your cookies

Cookies are located on your device. That means we cannot delete them for you. You must do it yourself in the way described on your specific device. If you are on a website operated by ADVORA Law Firm, you can also prevent cookies from being set by changing the browser settings on your device. Similar types of technologies such as local storage on your device do not have a built-in outlet but need to be deleted by you. We have linked to instructions on how to change / delete cookies on some of the most common devices, below.

You will find examples of instructions on how to block cookies and how to remove them in different browsers for PCs and Macs:


Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox



Microsoft Edge

The instructions above are links directly to the web browser manufacturers and we disclaim any responsibility should the information on these pages be incorrect.


If you have questions in connection with our cookie policy or wish to revoke your consent, write to us at


The cookie policy was last updated in September 2021.

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